Smut in the City Luton


A huge thank you to everyone who attended the Smut Luton event. It was great to see some of you again and also finally put a few more names to faces. Also a massive thanks to the performers and readers - we've heard nothing but great things!

We hope you all had a fantastic time and enjoyed a glass or two of Bucks Fizz.

For some great reviews and pictures from the day please click the links below:

It's a Trilogy

Yes, that's right, Valves & Vixens is back with it's third - but not final - collection, meaning it is now officially a Trilogy, which is obviously great news!

We're so, so pleased with how all three of the covers have turned out and think they all look fab (if we do say so ourselves).

Submission info can be found over on our website or at Nicoles blog and you have until 31st August to get your submissions in, although earlier submissions are always preferred.

The House of Erotica

Free and Fabulous

Featured authors: Erin Pim, Dee Voyse, Sybil Rush, Olvia London, Slave Nano, Lucy Felthouse, H.L. Lola, Nicole Gestalt & Vanessa de Sade

A tale of a young woman who has fallen in with the wrong crowd; an insight into the lives of a travelling burlesque group; an engaging account of an evening of bondage and a story about a voluptuous socialite - just a few of the scenarios you will encounter in this fantastic assortment of brand new stories from House of Erotica.

With contributions from some of the erotica’s best-loved authors, this nine-story collection is a great introduction to our catalogue which covers every fantasy imaginable. So whether you want to read about friends with benefits, one-night stands, hot southern summers or prudish young women, this tantalising taster of short stories is sure to have something for everyone.

Download your free copy from the following retailers:

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Spy Games

Edited by Jillian Boyd
Publisher: House of Erotica
Deadline: January 31st 2015 
Word count: 3000 – 7000  
Theme: Secret agents, spies and detectives
Genre: Contemporary setting is preferred, although historical stories are also welcome. Any sub-genre is allowed.
Pairing: any
Heat level: Between simmering and absolutely scorching. 
Submission limit: Two stories per author
Payment details: 40% of royalties split equally among the contributors. Royalty threshold is £50.
I’m on the hunt for sexy secret agents, dangerous detectives and thrilling adventures – both in and out of the bedroom. What I’m looking for is a good balance between action and eroticism, and thriller elements are encouraged. Contemporary settings are preferred, but I’d love to see some stories take place in the past.
Whether it’s an agent risking their lives defecting for the one they love, or a detective getting close and personal with their client, use your imagination. Think anything from the James Bond movies, to Spooks, to Luther, to Sherlock to real life inspirations from legendary figures like Mata Hari.
Exotic locations are fine, but I don’t mind stories set in the UK at all.
What I’m not looking for:  incest, underage sex, rape, necrophilia, bestiality, scat, golden showers.

Training Laura: The Collection

Part one featured in Complete Control

If you've a lover of BDSM and have read our Complete Control anthology then you should already be familiar with Training Laura by the wonderful Dee Voyse. Thankfully you can now get your hands on part one and part two in this fabulous little collection for only 99p / $1.67.

The Training Laura collection is a two-part story in which a young woman, who serves as slave to her master and mistress, goes through the trials of an period of slave training in order to earn herself the special reward of being served up to her master and mistress for use in front of the crowd of a public club.

    Laura hustled down stairs, still barefoot and naked – as she was allowed neither shoes nor clothes when at home save for extenuating circumstances – and listened to the jingle of her collar as she took each step down. She hurried to the kitchen, flipped on the lights, and began opening cabinets and grabbing items from the fridge. Her penchant for gourmet cookery came second only to her skills as a slut and she continuously strived to improve upon both very helpful and special skills every day that she spent in Dianne and Martin's home as their slave. She worked her fingers to the bone, nearly slicing off a fingertip in an effort to more efficiently chop the extra ripe banana with which she was planning to adorn the heaping stack of pancakes she'd cooked up. Along with the pancakes, there was crispy, thick-cut applewood smoked bacon and a bowlful of scrambled eggs that she knew would please her master and mistress very much. They came downstairs to the fragrant scent of a heartfelt and sincerely prepared breakfast wearing casual clothing and smiling as their slave knelt in front of the dining room table palms on her knees, facing up, and smiling back at them.
    “Sir and ma'am, breakfast is served,” she said proudly.
    “Very good, girl,” said Dianne, “And what have you prepared for yourself?”
    Laura gestured to the bowl in the corner of the room, which sat on a small mat and contained a slightly lesser version of the breakfast she'd so painstakingly taken care to make.
    “Peanut butter oatmeal with sliced bananas, ma'am,” she said.
    Martin and Dianne sat down at the table and dug in to their delicious meal.
    Through a mouthful of crunched up bacon, Martin murmured, “You may now go eat,” to Laura who diligently crawled over to her bowl and slowly consumed the sweet mush she had prepared for herself. The three ate and Martin and Dianne made small talk while Laura listened intently and tried to keep her face as clean as possible while she ate, a task made difficult by the additional restriction of the use of utensils that had been placed on her as part of her contract of servitude.
    “So tell me, girl: what are you most looking forward to about our weekend?” asked Martin with a raised eyebrow.
    Laura looked up from her bowl and wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand.
    “The opportunity to improve my service to you and ma'am, Sir,” she replied.
    “Very good girl,” said Dianne, “Now that our meal is finished, you are to clean the dishes and then meet us in the living room. Is that understood?”

Roaring Twenties Erotica

Flappers, Jazz and Valentino 
out now!

Grab your copy of this fabulous take on twenties erotica

Kindle UK - £3.99
Kindle US - $6.71
Paperback - £6.99

Flappers, Jazz and Valentino - Roaring Twenties Erotica

Is it not enough to lead my son into wild ways without teaching my daughter the tango? - Dona Luisa, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Step back in time to a decade full of glamour, glitz and decadent sin with this collection of erotica set in the Roaring Twenties. With twelve stories, in all shades from romantic and sensual to burning hot, this collection is the perfect appetizer for a night out at the speakeasy. A journalist gets a sexy introduction to the sinful syncopation of jazz music. A three-way tango performance becomes the steamiest ticket in town. The owners of a speakeasy set up a very special audition for their new trumpet boy. All this jazz and more in Flappers, Jazz and Valentino, edited by Jillian Boyd.

A Gals' Gotta Make A Living Somehow by T.G. Haynes

The club itself had got a great reputation. The only trouble was I hadn’t. Given this, my boyfriend had recommended I try a place called The Blue Lagoon; he was sure they’d take me on. Ideally, I wanted to aim a little higher than that, so, first of all, I decided to try the best place in town – the aforementioned Three Hundred Club. Worried that they might have heard of me, I dyed my hair satin blonde and wore a pair of glasses that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a southern school ma’am.

I glanced at my watch. It told me I was running a couple of minutes late and, as it didn’t pay to keep Texas Guinan waiting, I took a deep breath and knocked at the door. No one answered immediately. I was just about to knock again when the door was eased open by a fifteen-stone gorilla who had the look of a cut-price Al Capone about him. Bearing in mind it was only a little after ten in the morning, that was no mean feat. Glancing me up and down he clearly liked what he saw because the semblance of a smile spread across his face.
“You come to see Texas?” he asked.
I nodded.
He closed the door behind me then, with a jerk of his head, said, “Follow me.”
I did so down a long dark corridor that led into the heart of the club. I expected to find the place empty that early in the morning; it wasn’t. A suave, sophisticated gentleman was playing some kind of rhapsody on the piano, which seemed to serve as a wakeup call to a number of patrons who were draped across chairs and tables, clearly having spent the night there. The gorilla led me over to a table where one of the guests was sitting upright, facing away from me. The dinner jacket he was wearing looked like it cost my than my apartment and the trilby resting on his head sure didn’t look like it was an off-the-peg number from Sears and Roebuck. The gorilla grunted something I didn’t quite catch, then ambled off. I figured that the owner of the trilby was the front of house manager. I figured wrong.
The trilby wearer called across to the pianist, “Hey, Georgie, knock it off a minute, will you?”

Landing Strip

Five hot tales of mile high sex!
Available now

Including a bonus story in which the plane might be grounded but the passions certainly isn't!

The Jet Set Life by Megan Morgan
She turned her head and smiled sweetly over her shoulder. "I said fuck me."
"I thought we weren't doing this anymore," he mocked, and gave her succulent ass a squeeze.
In response, she pushed back against his crotch. "That’s before I was bent over my employer's bathroom sink on his big, fancy jet."
"I doubt he's ever even been in here, unless it was to do what we're getting up to right now." Mikael grabbed the hem of her knee-length skirt and yanked it up over her hips, immediately revealing bare, creamy cheeks dotted with pink spots from his fingertips.
"Going bare now?" he inquired. He was disappointed, having hoped for a nice pair of red panties to match her bra, something he could pull down with his teeth.
"It's very freeing," she said, with a lightness that implied it was actually for easy access and she knew he would fall into her trap.

He leaned over and nuzzled his face down the satiny slope of her lower back.
"Do you know what I’m going to do to you?" he asked. He slid his tongue out and traced a line downward, following the ridge of her spine and stopping above the cleft of her ass. She tasted salty and smelled of rose soap.
"Tell me." Sasha arched her back. "Spare no detail."